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A program that is inspired by and designed with your child in mind.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best science-based technologies in the field of behavior analysis. All technologies used are supported by over 50 years of research and are tailored to meet the unique needs of each child.

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Our passion is helping our clients reach their full potential by providing a nurturing atmosphere which fosters growth and development. From our battle-tested process to our reliable client care, we’re here for you every step of the way.

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Meet our Amazing Team

  • Brandi Freeman-Potter, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA
  • img_6579.jpg
    Apryl Witherspoon, FNP-C
  • 2a73779a-783c-11ea-a137-0242ac110003-fbdf4f97-e193-4461-b725-ba2b4c5c2696 (2).png
    Dailis Gonzalez Castillo, BCBA, LBA
  • img_2876_.jpg
    Frances Opara, BCBA, LBA
  • 265914499_412331807240513_8868960959036886353_n.jpg
    Kenedi Ferrell-Todd, Intake Specialist
  • img_0308.jpg
    Priscilla Morales Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant
  • img-20190609-wa0012.jpg
    Carmen Palacios, BS, RBT
  • img_3836.jpeg
    Victoria Picon, BS, RBT
  • id badge pic.jpg
    Adriana Leveston, RBT
  • 2a73779a-783c-11ea-a137-0242ac110003-fbdf4f97-e193-4461-b725-ba2b4c5c2696 (2).png
    Constance Walden, Behavior Therapist
  • allegra antwine.jpg
    Allegra Antwine, RBT
  • img_2604.jpg
    Yvonne Garcia, BS, RBT
  • new logo.png
    Stormy Cherry, Behavior Therapist

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