Why is Early Intervention so important?

About Early Intervention- Ages 18 months- 5 years

Early Intervention Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services can make a huge impact on the way children grow and develop as they age.

Early Intervention services target pivotal skills, that once developed, will help to improve the learner’s ability to sustain social interactions, develop age-appropriate play skills and improve connections with others in their natural environment.

How we can help

At Texas ABA & Child Development Services, we have designed our program to be centered on the way that children learn best... through play!

Our program incorporates Natural Environment Teaching (NET) as our primary method of service delivery and is supplemented by real-world opportunities for generalization of new skills.Our program is designed with learners from all stages of development in mind, from emerging to advanced, we can help!

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Our treatment team is comprised of highly-skilled and knowledgeable providers who have a passion for and are dedicated to helping our learners grow and develop.